The American Ideology


RICK SANTORUM — “In The American Ideology, Brian Vanyo pinpoints the fundamental values that made the United States the greatest nation in the history of the world. Anyone who cares about the future of America must read this book.”

ED SCHAFER — “The American Ideology is a straightforward presentation of the facts surrounding the development of our constitution, our government, and our society. Brian Vanyo presents the political philosophy of our founders in their words—using their writings, speeches, and letters—to identify the direction they set for our country. This in-depth civics lesson is a must read for those who seek the promise of liberty and freedom in the United States of America.”

U.S. SENATOR MIKE LEE — “Brian Vanyo’s The American Ideology is without a doubt one of the most authoritative books yet written on the greatness of America and the internal risks to sustained self-government. I commend this book to every lover of liberty.”

U.S. SENATOR JOHN HOEVEN — “Brian comes from a family committed to service and to America. His affection for this great country is clear.”

DR. LAURA SCHLESSINGER — “We all have a moral obligation as citizens to know and understand the fundamentals of government that our Fore Fathers meant for this country – without bias. The American Ideology is a brilliant, insightful, and informative means to that end.”

ROB SCHILLING — “The American Ideology is a must-read for every American who loves his country. Author Brian Vanyo presents our nation’s storied history and founding philosophy in a way that is both accessible and relevant to today’s generation. Armed with this knowledge, constitutionalists can fight and defeat the progressive onslaught; Vanyo has provided us our playbook.”

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About the book

James Madison once wrote, “A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” To those who seek to reclaim their command over American government today, The American Ideology serves as a powerful weapon to advance that cause.

The American Ideology provides an objective investigation into the political philosophy that facilitated self-government in the United States. The book examines the origin of the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence. It demonstrates how the Constitution was designed to preserve those ideals. And it identifies the fundamental values that must accompany freedom in any republic in order to sustain it. Based on the writings and speeches of the Founding Fathers, the observations of Alexis de Tocqueville, and the critical works of John Locke, Charles de Montesquieu, and William Blackstone, The American Ideology serves as an authoritative study on the foundation of American liberty.

The American Ideology also sheds light on the means by which the federal government has since subverted American liberty. It identifies the points in American history when the government has departed from its founding principles. It explains how the federal government’s commerce and taxing powers under the Constitution have been stretched so far that any kind of individual activity can now be taxed and regulated. And thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the legality of “Obamacare,” the federal government now has free reign to coerce individual behavior—it can tax and regulate inactivity.

When this regulatory state is compared against the Founding Fathers’ original design, it is clear that the federal government’s authority today is overbearing, unnatural, and unconstitutional. As Brian Vanyo writes in The American Ideology, there is a way for change to prevail—for the people to recover their sovereignty and restore their natural rights. Using the political philosophy that inspired the American Revolution, there is a way for the people to win their independence once again. But they must first arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

Table of Contents

          The State of Nature
          From the State of Nature into Society
          God: the Source of all Natural Rights
          The State of War
          The Legislative Power
          The Executive Power
          The Judicial Power
          The Bill of Rights
          Education, Virtue, and Religion
          The Sedition Act of 1798
          Marbury v. Madison
          The National Bank
          Slavery and Dred Scott v. Sandford
          The Fourteenth Amendment
          Modern Judicial Supremacy
          Free Markets, the Commerce Power, Welfare, and Taxation
          Extreme Equality, Corruption, and Public Debt

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